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Pre-Launch Medical Device Market Research

Pre-launch medical device market research helps ensure that you achieve a good return for your efforts and risk, having invested heavily in the development of your medical device.  As medical device market research specialists, MDMR can bring the voice of the customer to your development process to ensure that everything is as near to perfect as possible before launch.

Using tried and tested methodologies such as advisory boards, focus groups and in-depth interviews, either face-to-face or by telephone, we can provide rich insights to help you to;

  • Perfect or refine your medical device

  • Ensure the instructions are clear and easy to follow

  • Develop your marketing messages and your communication materials

  • Ensure your training provision meets the needs of your customers

By focusing on your specific needs, we can design bespoke research to ensure that the results you receive are truly actionable and enable you to maximise the potential of your medical device.

Research respondents need to be relaxed in order to contribute fully to the market research process.  So, whether your customers are medical opinion leaders, technicians or patients, we have a reputation for putting them at their ease in order to get the best out of them.

A full, easily-digestible written report will accompany all market research carried out by MDMR as we feel it is important for the client to be able to refer back to the research results when making business decisions.  We will, of course, always be on hand to answer any queries too.

MDMR is a sister company of Active Research

MDMR can also provide market reports on new markets that you may be interested in.  These can help you to define your market more precisely and to profile your main competitors, assessing their product range and marketing activity.

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